Let users report phishing

It’s quite hard for an IT department to report false-postives and false-negative messages regarding SPAM or Phishing. We can setup multiple policies in ATP block specific sender, allow specific senders etc. This can frustrate end-users as some mails are handled as SPAM but it’s a false-positive for the end user.

Well through the Message Report Add-In users can report messages using Outlook on the web or through their Outlook client.

Based on the reportings some information is collected on the security dashboard and based on this the security team can use this to update anti-phishing or anti-spam policies.

If your organization is using Office 365 ATP Plan 1 or Plan 2 this feature provides your security team with useful information to update your security policies.

How to centralize your deployment?

Go to the Microsoft 365 admin center, browse to settings -> add-ins and deploy a new add-in:


Click on choose from store:


Choose the Report Message add-in


Select for which users the add-in needs to be deployed and choose which install method


What is the user experience?

In this case I received an email that was not marked as SPAM. Now the end user can detected that this message contains SPAM. Using the report message add-in he or she can report the message as SPAM or Phishing:


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